Hope for Everyone!



ELPIS Association was born out of the desire to help those who are less fortunate and to give them hope, by actively participating in correcting social anomalies and inequalities, through coherent and socially responsible campaigns.

Why ELPIS? Because, since the ancient Greeks to the present, Elpis has been the personification and spirit of HOPE, the last remaining item in Pandora’s box when, as a cruel vengeance of the gods, all the evils were released on Earth. Hope is the most faithful companion on our path through life, which gives us strength to overcome all obstacles and difficulties, a true light in the darkness.

Coordinated by Mrs. Liliana Ghibea, Psychologist, ELPIS Association is a project developed by Sky Group – the leading Romanian company in the field of printer consumables production and distribution.


DO A GOOD DEED – many of us have forgotten to think of those in need and have started to become circumspect when it comes to charity-oriented NGOs/associations or persons. That’s one of the reasons we have conceived this project in a fully open and transparent manner, that allows you to follow each campaign’s progress every step of the way and to have online access to information on where the funds are directed, gaining certitude that your gesture really helps those who need it.

The joy of giving and to joy of feeling the joy of the one receiving cannot be compared with anything else. Sometimes we seem to forget that the greatest happiness comes from sharing one’s wealth and success, that a child’s smile can be most rewarding for the smallest act of kindness. We are asking you to look inside yourselves, as you have so much love and joy to offer!